Empowering the people to solve national issues

We are building a pilot Citizen Governance Website

As explained in Chapters 11 through 14 in End Politics Now, the technical part of our solution utilizes Citizen Governance Websites. Our pilot Citizen Governance Website will empower you to help solve national issues such as abortion, immigration, and defunding the police.

This will not be a simulation or a mockup. It uses the democratic solution process described in End Politics Now that is based on collective intelligence.

It will validate our design of Federal Councils combined with Citizen Governance Websites to create a realistic, scalable, true democracy – the world's first Collaborative Democracy.


Collective intelligence gives better solutions

According to studies on collective intelligence, We The People would make better decisions than the President and Congress for complex national issues.


Better results than voting

Our democratic solution process goes far beyond simple voting or decision-making.

Citizens are led through a step-by-step collaborative process to find solutions that most people (including minority groups) agree with.

Participating should only take about two hours per issue on average spread over several months for each citizen who chooses to join in.

We expect most people to engage in a few issues a year, those that are the most important to them.

For more information on the design of our Citizen Governance Website, read Chapters 11 through 14 in End Politics Now.

We sincerely wish that we could include a link to our pilot website here but the website isn't finished yet.

Behind the simple forms of a Citizen Governance Website (as shown in the book) are complex systems that require extensive coding. These systems go far beyond your standard website, far beyond even voting systems, but require the same level of security and reliability as voting systems or banking software. They can't be simply thrown together using open source website modules like your normal website (that inevitably contain bugs and vulnerabilities). Bugs and defects would destroy the people's confidence in our solution.

This major development effort is being financed through crowdfunding. Please help us finish the development and carry our Collaborative Democracy movement forward. Your gift of even $5 will support this historic effort. Thank you in advance!

Because we work to change the Constitution and elect specific candidates, we are not allowed by the IRS to be a 501(c)(3) charity. Consequently, YOUR GIFT IS NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE. HOWEVER, IT IS ESSENTIAL TO HELP US END POLITICS and is very much appreciated.

End Politics Now does not retain any personal information regarding your gift. Your payment will be processed by Stripe, an external credit card processing service. Your card details are completely separate to our own systems and we do not see them at any time during the process. Stripe uses the most stringent security protocols – Stripe security details. Please read our Privacy Policy.

We The People need your help

Your gift will contribute to ending politics, ending the political divide, and uniting all citizens to solve complex issues together as explained in End Politics Now.

There is no We The People without you. Together we can change the future for the better for ourselves as well as for our children and every generation that follows.

Let us notify you when the website is ready

Whether you choose to give a gift or not, we will notify you when our pilot Citizen Governance Website is complete and ready for your participation. Just sign up for notifications and check the box for updates on Citizen Governance Website development. We will NOT SPAM YOU with requests for donations.

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