Are you as
fed up with politics
as we are?

What is our movement about? Why is it crucial?

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Do you feel that major changes are needed to the way government operates?

End Politics Now is both a blueprint and a plan for a practical solution that allows every citizen a voice to address the most pressing issues facing our country.

Do you trust that the political parties that control the government serve you?

We believe in a future where politics isn't defined by partisanship or division.
Our solution incorporates collaboration and collective intelligence to benefit We The People, not just special interests.

Have you had it with political extremism, propaganda, and fake news?

Our solution was designed to solve these issues and many others including the political divide.

Would you like to eliminate destructive politics?

Sadly, nothing that has been proposed previously will do it

Let's face it...
  • People aren't going change their core beliefs.
  • Electing a particular president or party has never fixed the problem.
  • No other solution proposed will do it either, not term limits, multi voting, nor a balanced budget.
Because these do not address the root cause of the problem!

Until now...

The book End Politics Now explains...

  • The root cause of our political problems.
  • A realistic, nonpartisan solution.
  • A practical plan to put the solution in place.

Here's what people are saying about the book

"What an amazing, incredibly researched, and purposeful idea being presented."

― Jessica Flynn

"This book provides a clear, well researched, and realistic path out from the corrupt political climate we find ourselves in. I believe that the seeds of a sustainable, peaceful world are contained in the pages of this book."

― Dan Coppersmith

"He has created a method that can be employed to identify, evaluate, quantify, and reveal findings that can lead to the discovery and enactment of truly consensus solutions, acceptable even to those with initially widely divergent viewpoints. This is not a simplistic pop-politics book directed toward one camp or another, and is not a pie-in-the-sky fantasy of a magical silver bullet solution. Instead, it is a rigorous study of problem analysis, and proposes a truly practical mechanism for the creation of effective solutions. I wish everyone in the US who has strong opinions about anything political would read this book. It presents ground breaking ideas well worth serious consideration."

― Ken Schumacher

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It's time to fix this! But we can only do it with our collective strength. That means we need you!

Will you join us?  It's as simple as 1-2-3


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