Dedication and Acknowledgements

I dedicate End Politics Now to the peace and prosperity of current and future generations who will experience the results of our efforts and of the decisions of those who rule their country.


I'm particularly grateful to my wife, Joy Naseath, who continually encouraged and inspired me, who patiently helped me think through hundreds of ideas, who supported me, and who (as always) loved me unconditionally throughout this project.

Special thanks to Ray Naseath for his advice and guidance. I greatly appreciate Joseph Schumacher for editing the book. I am also very thankful for the instrumental feedback and suggestions from the following people (listed in random order). They helped me to see my own biases, assumptions, communication failures and even formatting issues and typos.

Remo Laubacher
Melissa Cantrelle
Dan Coppersmith
Laurie McLaughlin
Wayne Whitzell
Angela Palermo
Clarence Albert Isaac (Chip),
Wren Weburg
Jack Porter
Ryan Turner
Shelana deSilva
Ben Naseath
Miles Klein
Derek Porter
Zachary Johnson
Roger Hennessey
Marilyn Housel
Nadia Segura-Housel
Patrick Hennessy
David Leland Hyde
Ken Schumacher
Greg McLaughlin
I am also grateful for the contribution of thousands of studies, articles, and papers and the hundreds of books that prepared the way for this solution. In many ways, everyone has contributed. We live in a marvelous time when information is readily available and technology exists that can support our solution.
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