6. The Best Decision Makers

Possible types of decision makers

Think back to our first requirement for our new governing decision process in Chapter 5. Our new process must achieve the best possible governing decisions for complex, societal issues for the people. The design of the process is affected by the type of decision maker performing the process. Therefore, before we can design it, we must determine who would be using it. Who would be the rulers in our new governing process?

The best decision makers would be those with the greatest potential to achieve the most beneficial decisions and solutions for us, the people. We have four basic options to consider for governing decision makers or rulers.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  2. Individual executives such as a president, a dictator, the head of a department or ministry, or a party leader

  3. A council or a legislature or other small group

  4. Ourselves, the citizens, combined as a very large group

We can choose one or a combination of these options. For example, our government currently uses options 2 and 3 for governing decisions. The rest of this chapter discusses each of these options to determine which one would be the best for each decision maker role.




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