Politics in general

(Sociopaths naturally gravitate to the law, corporate executive management, and politics. About 4% of the population are psychopaths/sociopaths and it is higher in these areas. Therefore, this book is worth the read to understand them.)
Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight, by M.E. Thomas, May 13, 2014, pgs 178-179, Crown.

The Great Delusion– Liberal Dreams and International Realities, by John J. Mearsheimer, Oct 8, 2019, pg 1, Yale University Press.

Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa, by Dambisa Moyo, Mar 2, 2010, Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

The Hell of Good Intentions: America's Foreign Policy Elite and the Decline of U.S. Primacy, by Stephen M. Walt, Oct 22, 2019, Picador.

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